A wise man once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”  Soon after, he was murdered in the streets of New York, compelling Peter Parker to become Spiderman and avenge his uncle’s death. I forget the point of the story, but let’s take a look at our own little hero: a tiny, hapless fool holding a fearsome beast at bay – with only the anticipation of danger. His sweaty, twitching finger dangles above the button… poised to strike… Makes ya think, doesn’t it?  What will happen?!  Will there be an ALMIGHTY EXPLOSION?  A SONIC BOOM?  A DOWNPOUR of GERIATRIC FELINES?  Or will the ogre call his bluff and enjoy a tasty long pork stew?  Find out next week… same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.  Thwacko!


"I have always humoured the idea of blinded power. In many situations I believed to have been in control of a situation, the one able to push the button that would consequently shape the future into my imagined destiny. And many times I have been fooled by my own self believe, only pushing the outcome into the opposite direction. I think life has a funny way of tricking you like that and I think power has its own way of distracting you from the truly powerful...fate. Should I limit myself to one piece of chocolate and soothe my craving whilst staying in control. Yes? Ate the piece and next thing I know the whole packet disappeared. "
Sarah Rowland

"I have always been a fan of the underdog. Bullies always acquire power through creating fear usually through physical means, they are weak and insecure within themselves. However with a simple piece of knowledge even the smallest of heroes can take down the biggest of foes. Having a lack of fear removes the beast from his position of power and intimidates the monster to this cowering state. "Feel the wrath of Geriatric Cats you big mean bully!""
Sebastian Fletcher

"Aside from my love of the word ‘Thwacko’ (is it actually a word?), I like this drawing for political reasons. And here they are. I have a belief that regardless of how monstrous the Powers that Be or The Man gets in their rule over our society the little people- yep, you and me- have it within our power to knock them on the head. The button seems to suggest a bomb or some such, but I think more in terms of people just saying no to the madness we see every day. So, to summarise, bombs-no! Saying no, yes! Or something."
Kane Murdoch